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Swiss Detective Agency specializes in investigating investment fraud, identity theft, financial statement fraud, asset misappropriation, romance fraud, skimming of cash, misuse of company assets, theft of intellectual property and trade secrets and healthcare, insurance, and banking. Our services and solutions also include background checks, locating a missing person, infidelity and cheating spouse, prenuptial matrimonial agreements, online brand fraud, banking fraud, corporate intelligence, communications interceptions, phone and laptop monitoring, vehicle tracking, surveillance and observation, forensic services and digital forensic services. Swiss Detective Agency provides a great number of customized investigative & intelligence services and solutions including but not limited to: Background checks Skip Tracing - Locating Services for Persons and Companies Due Diligence for Investors, Companies, Public Companies and private persons Corporate investigations & intelligence CEO fraud investigation Cyber investigations & social media intelligence Insurance claim verification Asset tracing & verification Dormant accounts and dormant assets investigations Surveillance Services (Observation) Fingerprinting and analysis Process Serving Forgery investigation Arson investigation Record searching cases Witness interviews and location Accident investigation Intellectual property theft Fraud investigation Domestic and divorce cases Private family investigations Market survey and information gathering Surveillance and counter-surveillance Patent, Trademark and Copyright infringement Debt recovery and judgment collection Pre & post matrimonial investigation Pre & post-employment investigation (Staff vetting) Death investigation including closed cases Missing person investigation Global risk investigations Forensic accounting Digital and Mobile Forensic Services.

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550a Schaffhauserstrasse 8050 Zürich Zürich Switzerland


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