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Interstate 81 is known for its scenic vistas and stunning viewpoints as it follows the backbone of the Appalachian Mountains. I-81 is also a trucking corridor and links the Northeast to the Southeast, passing through the Tennessee Valley, but it is also known to have very steep grades, which can be very dangerous, especially when the traffic is dense. The narrow lanes of Interstate-81 can pose additional challenges for drivers. On average, more than 56,000 people use the interstate every day. There are some stretches of I-81 that have more than 75,000 drivers that utilize them each day. Accidents happen every day on Interstate 81. They usually occur in the blink of an eye without warning. They can have catastrophic results for the parties involved and their loved ones. When we leave our homes, no one thinks about whether or not they will make it to their destination safely. We created this website to help keep our readers informed about accidents that take place on Interstate 81. Our goal is to build community awareness about the dangers of I-81 and to provide safety tips and other helpful information about what to do or not do if you have been involved in a serious injury accident on I-81. We help connect our readers with knowledgeable lawyers who can answer all their questions and help obtain a copy of the accident report. Speaking with an attorney can help determine if you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and losses after sustaining a serious injury in an accident on I-81.

By Interstate 81 Accident News and Resources

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