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We have devoted the last 2 years to finding the best quality products in the market. We believe after painstaking research that we have achieved our goal and we have entered an exciting partnership with our manufacturers.


At Infinity Hot Tubs we deliver through the North East and across the UK and always put our client's ultimate satisfaction at the highest priority, not only with our products but with our customer care and after-sales.


Extensive market research, combined with knowledge and experience from years in the field, allows us to select only the highest quality products for our customers. After reaching our personal and professional goals, we have been able to set up several exciting partnerships with our manufacturers, bring the cost of luxury down.


As a company, we are proud to supply only the best products, at the best prices. Backed by our dedicated delivery and aftercare service, we confidently provide the industry’s stand-out experience.


We acknowledge that there are different qualities of products and suppliers on the market. We believe that our products are up there with the very best or indeed are the best quality delivery and aftercare service within the industry. Our aim is for Infinity Hot Tubs Ltd to be the industry leaders in quality and service. We expect nothing less from our team.


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Business Park, Unit 24 Orde Wingate Way, TS19 0GA Stockton-on-Tees County Durham United Kingdom
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