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The Avial Bikes development team consists of enthusiasts who are engaged in tuning bicycles, as well as developing their own prototypes. We are pleased to test our own innovations and, along with this, we try to be always up to date with modern technologies and new products in the field of electric drives, batteries and other components of electric bicycles.

Nowadays, when most bicycle frames are made in Southeast Asia, we decided to move away from uniformity and develop our own. The original frame of our design is easy to manufacture and is based on proven aviation technology that does not use welding. Therefore, we can manufacture our bikes in Europe. We have already received the first patent for the frame of an electric bike, and the second is now in the process of registration.

As can be seen from the multimedia materials presented on our website, the first prototype of Avial e-bike with rear hub-motor has successfully overcome more than 700 km. The second prototype of the mid drive electric bike travelled over 800 km in a variety of conditions and its tests continue. In the nearest future, right after the CAD simulation, we plan to make pre-production samples, and present them at the EUROBIKE Show.

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