WitherNode is a game hosting provider that has been active in the international market for years. WitherNode provides stable and high-quality servers. Every day the entire WitherNode team, consisting of server specialists, mod experts and of course programmers, works with great pleasure for all our customers. WitherNode has ambitions to become the largest game hosting provider in the world. After all, we have all the specialties in-house to achieve this. In addition, our panel is super user-friendly, which ensures that everyone, even without knowledge, can get started with our servers. Our vision is therefore to make WitherNode accessible to everyone, from the Netherlands to Germany and from America to China. Support at WitherNode also has high priorities. We want everyone to be helped with all his or her questions within a few hours. That is also the reason that we are busy integrating a live chat and offering it in multiple languages. This way everyone can communicate with WitherNode in his or her own language. We at WitherNode also consider security very important, we set high standards for our DDoS protection and all servers are monitored 24/7. In addition, a backup of all servers is run every night. If you ever accidentally delete files, we can always get a backup back for you! WitherNode - Our Minecraft server hosting is fast, secure and affordable.


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