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 Ecunative is the brand created in Ecuador in 2017 by Jenbenro Group Ltd, and like a business established in 2019 in the European Union. Our brand seeks to export from all the countries of South America, supporting small farms and productive cooperatives, standardizing concepts of high quality products and mainly based on values of fraternity, develop, ecofriendly and fair price. Our main objective is to join forces and knowledge to create amazing products that benefit all those who are part of our chain. Do you share our dream?


Our first product is Palo Santo or Bursera Graveoleans, you can find more info in our website but it´s important for us to share information for customers who want to use this sticks for aromatheraphy like relaxer or for meditation improving concentration.


We Would like to offer a 15% DISCOUNT CODE FOR THIS MONTH IN OUR PERSONAL PRODUCTS. You have only to text in the discount code at the moment of invoicing: ecu15native



By Wholesale Palo Santo Wood Sticks - EcuNative Europe

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