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Istanbul is a city that sits on both the European and the Asian halves of Turkey. After a semi-organic growth due to domestic migration in the 1950s, Istanbul has been considered a melting pot of culture and diversity, which is apparent in its art and products including Istanbul textile. In the 1990s, it had been defined as a city that could stand with the likes of London, Tokyo, or even New York. Istanbul textile is known to be comfortable and beautiful, featuring rich and vibrant colors. Some are even hand-woven and you can literally feel the quality. They can be made into spectacular scarves, bathrobes, dresses and kaftans. Turkey is home to many international companies in the textile sector, and it’s no surprise that Istanbul is at the center of the country’s fashion culture. Efforts to promote Istanbul as a fashion city resulted in malls opening in the early 2000s, along with fashion and textile fairs. Events such as Istanbul Fashion Week and Vogue’s Fashion Night Out brought Turkey’s designers and textile manufacturers together. When Istanbul’s fashion scene popped back into the international eye back in 2013 with Mercedes-Benz’ Fashion Week Istanbul, local design names gained popularity. Designers like Mehtap Elaidi, President of the Turkish Fashion Designers Association, and Gul Agis, founder of womenswear label Lug Von Siga, have garnered fame and international attention in Istanbul’s fashion scene. Many other Turkish designers are also leaving their footprint not only in Istanbul’s fashion market, but internationally as well. Today, many major international luxury brands like Armani or Hugo can be found along the streets of Istabul. The city presents a myriad of shopping malls that offer prices that range from inexpensive to luxurious. The women of Istanbul have an aptitude for following the latest international trends. Turkish women’s fashion sense could be compared to that of French or Italian women. With fashion at Istanbul’s forefront, it’s no surprise that its citizens have high regard for it. With the boom of fashion comes the influx of fashion stores. Bipayan is a store based in Istanbul that operates in the wholesale sector. It offers a wide selection of apparel ranging from blouses and dresses to accessories such as bags and belts, with up to 400 new styles and designs every week. Under the motto “Crossroad of Fashion”, Bipayan fulfills its mission by offering both the latest styles from Turkey’s centre of fashion itself and Turkey’s ages-renowned quality. The store ships to 101 countries, including Europe and Africa.

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