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EC Haul Solutions LLC is a family owned and operated freight brokerage company with its headquarters located in Tucson, AZ. We have been operating in the logistics and freight industry successfully and this substantial experience enable us to understand our clients’ eclectic needs uprightly. We fulfill our commitments to be the best by smooth communications and thorough follow=ups that enable us to exceed our client’s logistics needs and to provide them the best freight brokerage services. Our focus is to transport goods to your customers with care, convenience and in a timely manner. We work on a clear and convenient freight management approach that allows us to provide a truckload service with the means to get your freight moving quickly. We strive to be the best logistics brokerage company in the US and achieve excellence in logistics and transportation services. Through inclusive, secure, and sustainable practices, we take pride in providing high-quality services to our clients and our communities. At EC Haul Solutions LLC we understand that the logistics industry could be complicated and for that reason we are here to provide the best-in-class technology and contribute to the competitive advantage of our customers by providing reliable, timely and integrated logistics services.



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3969 E AGATE KNOLL DR 85756 Tucson, AZ United States
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