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Omaha SEO Agency (OSA) is an SEO and web design agency located in Omaha, Nebraska. Here, we offer search engine marketing and web design services to Nebraska residents.

 In this step, I will analyze your website's current ranking on Google using the tools that I have.I will compare the results with your competitors that appear on the first page of Google.Then I will design a practical and step-by-step approach to improve your website visibility on the web.


Firstly, I will do thorough keyword research to find the keywords with high traffic to increase your website traffic.



Then, I will use these keywords to improve your website content, which motivates Google to push your website to higher pages in SERP!

I will also prepare additional high-quality content such as blogs and authority articles to improve the overall quality of your online property.

Last but not least, I will restructure your website based on the latest core update of Google that was implemented in November 2021. 


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