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There is so much redundancy in the tasks Commercial Real Estate Brokers perform from start to finish in listing a property. From creating CMAs and running comps to win a listing, to building marketing materials, uploading to search sites and blasting alerts to brokers, we repeat the same Input steps to multiple platforms over and over again. But along the way, information gets lost, status updates get missed, photos go out of date or get pulled from archives and google maps, resulting in conflicting materials entering the marketplace, not to mention endless hours spent at a computer screen that could be spent with clientele.

Don’t even get us started on the money that gets wasted on over-priced, under performing, and one-dimensional tech platforms. We created the Commercial Co-Op to streamline the day-to-day life of a Commercial Broker and connect the community that keeps Brokers thriving.

How do we know all of this? Simple. We are brokers in a small commercial firm in Denver, Colorado that got fed up with per broker tech costs of over $2,500/month and decided there has to be a better way. When the pandemic hit, we knew it would be more important than ever to work smarter and save money. We built this product for US and everyone we work with.

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