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Gerry is a Regeneration guest who moved out east in the middle of the summer, then returned for the winter to work. The Regeneration Thrift Store is now open! Every purchase supports the work of Regeneration Outreach Community right here in Brampton. Donations needed and volunteers always welcome!


Our Story: How We Started & Where We’re Going

From humble beginnings, Regeneration started as a “living room for those without a living room,” – a safe, caring, and respectful space for the homeless and vulnerable. Centered around nurturing relationships, Regeneration sought to meet both the practical and spiritual needs of guests, even if that just meant a cup of coffee and a listening ear.

After establishing a few informal gathering sites throughout Brampton, the overwhelming need for growth became clear: in 1999, a long-term lease was signed with Grace United Church and the Regeneration offices were officially opened.

Since then, Regeneration has seen tremendous growth and made an enormous impact on the people of Brampton. What was once a four-day breakfast program has multiplied into a 365- day facility that offers a number of life-giving, standardized programs and services.

This, coupled with the tireless support from the greater Brampton community, helps Regeneration to fulfill its stated purpose of being a caring community that continually strives to provide dignity for those in need, as an expression of Christian love in action. This helps us to restore hope, purpose, and dignity to the homeless and vulnerable.


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156 Main Street N., Brampton, ON L6V 1N9 L6V 1N9 Brampton, ON Canada
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