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The Black MasterMind Group (TBMMG) is a 501(c)(3) non-exempt organization committed to raising funding to provide scholarships for the Black Entrepreneurial Community to receive entrepreneurial financial literacy training. We have learned over the past years is that the Black Entrepreneurial Community has experienced disparities that have limited our ability to remain sustainable. Through the development of The Black MasterMind Group, we are working to change this narrative. By creating an ecosystem that is a solution for Black Entrepreneurs seeking to understand business at a deeper level. Running financially successful business models is the desire we have for all Black Entrepreneurs. Through our MasterMind concept, we are working to develop a system that addresses the holistic needs of the Black Entrepreneurial Community. Membership provides access to The Black MasterMind Groups across the nation. Being a member allow an Entrepreneur to receive:

â–ª Education

â–ª Training

â–ª Coaching

â–ª Mentoring

â–ª Mindset Development

â–ª And access to needed Capital

The Black Mastermind Group is designed to create strategies that Start, Stabilize, Sustain, and Scale businesses in the black entrepreneurial community. The Black MasterMind Group works collaboratively with organizations, community leaders, business coaches, trainers, educators, and business leaders, to teach entrepreneurial financial literacy and business strategies helping the black entrepreneurial community secure funding.

By Dr. Donnetta Watson

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