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Stewart Law Group has earned a reputation among legal professionals and satisfied clients in Tempe, AZ and throughout Phoenix over the past decade. Our firm is known for helping clients understand the legal ramifications of their case and how their decisions today affect the outcome. Stewart Law Group focuses on Divorce and Family Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning and Personal Injury Law. To resolve your legal matters as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, call our Tempe attorneys.

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Our lives do not always go as planned. As fallible human beings, we sometimes make poor choices. That’s true for the good people of Tempe just as it is for those living and working in every Arizona community.

A marriage unravels and divorce proceedings begin. A romantic relationship leads to the birth of a child, paternity establishment, a custody determination, and child support orders. Someone close passes away and contested probate proceedings ensue. A driver has one-too-many and is arrested for DUI. An aggrieved customer files a complaint with the state board against a licensed professional.

When a civil or criminal situation challenges you or someone you care about, be willing to seek legal representation. That’s how attorneys with Stewart Law Group can help.

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