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SoCal Beauty is the home of the Lash Lover, established in 2014. We are an innovative beauty brand that specializes in lash extension professional products and provides our in-store guests with a lash extension experience they will never forget. SoCal Beauty's Flagship location is located in Orange County, California is a lash salon, education center and fulfillment center for this solution oriented beauty brand. 

SoCal Beauty has experienced exponential growth as we began developing professional lash products during the pandemic. The most well known, Designer Lashes, are a customizable magnetic strip lash system made for lash artists. This product & system is now patent pending. Our Designer Lashes allow beauty professionals the opportunity to work anytime and service guests from anywhere.

SoCal Beauty expanded in to the Canadian Market with their first fulfillment center located in Ottawa. SoCal Beauty continues to thrive and grow its network of beauty industry professionals looking to diversify themselves within industry across the world. SoCal Beauty prides itself on being a leader in the lash industry with innovative education, product & quality service.

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