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State-of-the-art Hair Transplant Clinic located in Downtown Toronto. Wealthy celebrities are able to procure the hair restoration/ hair transplantation industry’s latest, leading-edge technology in FUE and flawless results, but now a “full time” celebrity head of hair can be yours as well

At our Toronto hair transplant clinic, we utilize ARTAS technology, the most advanced, effective, and precise hair transplant device available. The procedure, which takes place in our comfortable, private office space, is designed to be incredibly easy and relaxing, unlike alternative surgical solutions.

Throughout the process, for approximately 5-6 hours, you’ll be able to recline comfortably while listening to music or watching television. The advanced, precise ARTAS device enables the surgeon to quickly and meticulously select and extract hair grafts while also ensuring that they’re nourished and protected before implantation. Because we take such great care to be sure that the transplanted hair follicles are adequately hydrated and remain sterile and viable, the “take” rate associated with this procedure is an astounding 90%.

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890-A Yonge Street M4W 3P4 Toronto, ON Canada
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