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HVAC Blower Motors Houston was established by three brothers in 2015, The business was founded out of a need for high quality HVAC equipment with little or no care, Commonly, shiny new HVAC equipment is installed in a room or area that most people will never see, But within 6 months to a year, that same equipment is no longer shiny or new and needs to be serviced on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis, Baikal Mechanical engineering team develops robust and cost effective HVAC engineering detailed design. 


Our experts understand your local requirements and sensitivities and consistently deliver projects that exceed expectations, Baikal Mechanical is a revolutionary developer and manufacturer of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products, We develop innovative and creative solutions using the most advanced tools and technologies to provide functional answers to complex conditions, At the start of the Covid19 pandemic (February 2020), Baikal developed new HEPA filter ventilator automation that incorporates a needle-headed dipole ion generator to filter and kill the COVID19 virus, Our units are in use across the United States in hospitals, universities, private schools, and nursing homes to prevent the spread of the virus. 

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