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The story of Flush king started in a land far far away in the early 1500’s. The King sitting on a toilet made of stone and filled with straw had an idea. “Our castle needs some improvements, to make things a little sanitary and friendly to the nostril!” It was on that very day that his passion for Plumbing had begun. Our beloved king had created the first indoor plumbing in history. He did not share his newfound discovery with any other kingdom for quite some time, as he wanted it to be just a luxury for himself and did not feel that anyone else should be able to experience such majesty. Somehow in the 1800’s news was leaked by someone very dear to him but that is another story. With over 500 years of experience, and having invented the mere concept of plumbing with his own mind he is now bringing his personal expertise to your very house. He has started his very own plumbing business right here in Arizona. If you need a Water Heater, water filtration, Slab Leak Repair, Whole Home Repipe, Sewer Repair, or even just a magical throne installed for your seating comfort. One of his highly trained plumbers will be on the job.

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By Getting an Excellent Plumbing Service in Arizona

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