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Saivian Eric Dalius believes that work-life balance is a personal responsibility. He takes a lot of care of his mental balance and workplace culture. He believes that work expectation is never according to the demand. Hence, the joint endeavor of the employer and the employee will help in reducing the pressure. It will help in bringing order to the office space. You have to work out a timetable so that you can devote time for relaxation. You will have to go for tight prioritization, and it will allow you to create a balance in your workplace. If you engage in less productive activities and that gives you pleasure, make time for it. You will have to take breaks in between work so that you re-energize yourself. You have to ensure that you draw a line between your leisure and work. Hence, it is necessary to ensure a proper workplace balance. Take out your time for those activities that give you a sense of pleasure. You can watch movies, go out for a short walk, track your working hours, and understand where the problem is emerging. Take account of the hours you are spending thinking about unnecessary aspects. When you have legitimate control over your work-life balance, the results will amaze you.

By Saivian Eric Dalius Story

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