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Welcome to Area Rug Cleaning Experts. We understand that every successful business is built on happy customers. Our approach is dependable and dedicated. Let us bring your carpet back to life, with our thorough, professional cleaning services.
At Area Rug Cleaning Experts we specialize in professional carpet cleaning service throughout New York and NYC. We deliver a high quality cleaning that gives you long-lasting professional results you’ll love.
our carpet cleaning service, our technicians use the best available cleaning machines. Our machines reach deep into the carpet fibers, down to the padding, and extract both fresh and step-in stains, top soil and embedded dirt, allergens and germs.
Our professional carpet cleaning process starts with a pre-conditioning treatment, followed by hot water extraction which removes the dirt, stains and messes, then a finishing treatment that covers your fibers with a clean, protective layer.

Trust Area Rug Cleaning Experts to give you the best available carpet cleaning service for your home or office in New York. We leave you with a soft and comfortable feel, fresh and renewed smell, and a deep and professional cleaning that lasts.

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10 W Neck Rd 11743 Huntington NY United States
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