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It’s very important to clean the carpet once a year! Otherwise, tons of dust and dirt will accumulate in it, and the worst thing is that dust mites may start appearing.That’s why dry cleaning of carpet is a mandatory procedure. If you do not carry it out periodically, the carpet could take on a disgusting appearance. At the end you have to throw it in the trash.

Professional dry cleaning of carpet is always a good idea also because we use only hypoallergenic substances which will not harm your health. The carpet accumulates in itself so many different microorganisms. No vacuum cleaner can be compared with a professional dry cleaning carpet. Our professional team will pick up and deliver your order at a pre-agreed time, and there will be no trace of dirt and dust!

Since there is a professional cleaning of carpets, it means that there is a non-professional one. THe last one is performed by the owners. Professionals do not deny its necessity and positive effect. Of course, if it is done correctly. For example, coverings made of silk and viscose are not waterlogged. Therefore aggressive chemicals and tools that injure the pile shouldn’t be used in this case.

It is important to remember, no matter how regular the unprofessional carpet cleaning is, it will not cope with all the problems. At least twice a year or more often, professional cleaning of carpets and furniture is necessary. Though, the professional one is still the best. There is no other way to remove 100% of the dust, sand, unpleasant odors, and stains that accumulate despite daily maintenance cleaning.

Only carpets professional cleaning will allow your rug to start life from scratch. And if a cat has nine lives, then the carpet has as many times as it happened to be in the hands of professionals. Only specialists armed with modern technologies, equipment and chemicals can handle this work with a really high quality.

Contacting us will allow you to save money and your carpet. Its appearance will become amazing, as if fresh from the store. In this case, you do not have to waste time and energy. It is just enough to call the professionals from Brooklyn Area Rug Cleaners (718)-831-2962!


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