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We welcome you to a world of home cleaning services with our comprehensive, trusted and affordable rug cleaning and rug repair and restoration services. We work hard to guarantee the highest quality clean in your home. With over 15 years of experience in the rug cleaning industry, we offer you a clean you can love and trust.

Area rugs are beautiful and lifelike items that need to be cared for to keep their character and style.

This is where we come in with our expert rug cleaning services. Caring for each rug unique qualities, your

rug will get back its colors, life and beauty. Don’t let your rug lose its beauty.  

At NYC Area Rug Cleaners, we give you a top-quality rug cleaning service that removes 100% of all dirt, stains and allergens completely. We work with you throughout the entire rug cleaning process to ensure your satisfaction. Our service comes with the knowledge and experience from our highly-trained technicians.We also use only certified green, non-toxic cleaning products.

Area rugs, regardless of the care they receive, require frequent professional rug cleaning treatments.

Over time, your area rug starts to loose its original beauty and texture due to dirt, stains and allergens

building up in the fibers and fabric. These messes also cause damages like tears and fading. Avoid the

problems and start enjoying a clean, fresh rug with a professional rug cleaning service from NYC Area Rug Cleaners.

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