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We specialize in the retrieval of Civil War and other 19th-century military records from the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), including service records, pensions, medical records, Court Martial records, Bounty Land records, and others. We will duplicate the records of your choice and deliver them faster and at a much lower cost than if you ordered them directly from NARA.  If you need records, we will gopher you! In fact, some soldiers expressed the belief that charges were commonly brought as a form of petty discipline, out of spite, or as a measure of disfavor by the charging officer with no expectation of a conviction but with the sole purpose of tarnishing the reputation of the accused. While this may be a cynical defense, the fact remains that many people today still believe that if a soldier was “Court Martialled,” then he was necessarily guilty.  It is worth remembering that a Court Martial was merely a trial and that the soldier was innocent until proven guilty. civil war ancestors

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