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Rockford HVAC techs is your full-service heating and cooling specialists based in the Rockford, IL area that specializes in anything heating and cooling. From fixing and repairing broken central air conditioners and furnaces that need to be replaced or stop working all the way to ductless heating and cooling. Give us a call for all your heating and cooling 

needs and a certified HVAC tech will return your call a.s.a.p. and give you a free quote.

 I found Rockford HVAC Techs through an everyday Google search when my air conditioning unit stopped blowing out cold air and failed to cool the house in the blazing summer heat in Northern Illinois. Rockford HVAC came out and said freon was low and had a slow leak. The tech said that my a.c. unit had seen better days. I had one of 2 choices. Choice number 1 have the Rockford HVAC Tech come out on a monthly basis and keep filling up my freon for $100 a pop which wouldn't fix the problem or just bite the bullet and buy a new central air unit and fix the problem. I opted for the new central A.C. unit and have seen my electric bills go down the past few months due to its energy efficiency. My other A.C. unit was old! I figure my new central air unit will pay for itself in a few years. Overall they gave me a fair price, were friendly, and my electric bill has been lower which is great.


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1255 Latham Rd 61103 Rockford IL United States
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