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We are Simple House Buyers, we buy houses quickly, with no hassles at a fair price. We purchase the property directly from you. We always make cash offers, so there are no worries about delays resulting from a buyer trying to qualify for a mortgage and wasting your valuable time. Furthermore, we buy house in “as is” condition. No cleaning, repairs, or removal of unwanted personal property, giving relief from monthly expenses related to the property immediately.


We buy houses, in need of repairs or any other condition, outdated houses, abandoned homes, fire, flood or storm damaged, bad roofs, homes with structural problems. As Is, houses with mold, broken windows on properties in non-desirable conditions, missing kitchen or bathrooms. Homes in need of mayor repairs, termite damage, problem tenants and even unfinished construction.


We buy homes from owners that need to sell for any reason, inherited a property, moving up or need to sell my home because downsizing, facing foreclosure, have past due taxes, need to sell do to job transfer or being relocated or ongoing a divorce.


We buy properties with title issues, with large tax liens, homes with code violations, hoarder homes, houses because low equity or homes that are upside down. We buy properties from out of state owners or non owner occupied and even homes with association problems

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