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With years of experience across thousands of homes in Far Rockaway, we have a reputation that we live up to everyday. We value our customers and fully address their needs, working with them to come up with a solution that works with their budget and leaves them satisfied and secure in their own homes. We don’t play down the seriousness of a flood or a burst pipe, because we realize that every minute counts when disaster strikes.

When excess water appears in your house, it seeps into your carpets, walls, floors and other areas within minutes. The damage caused by a substance as simple as water is often underestimated and can catch people by surprise. That’s why we make our services available day and night. The threat of water damage is always very real, and we treat it as such.

To make sure you receive the proper answer to your in-home challenges, we maintain a crew of capable, certified and experienced technicians and equip them with top-of-the-line tools. The wellbeing of your home and your family is our top priority, so we prepare ourselves to serve you in whatever way you need us to. Don’t hesitate. Call us today to learn more about our work or to schedule an appointment.

By Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup Long Beach

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