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At the Core - we are a Pilates Reformer + Cadillac studio focused on teaching people the ins and outs of correct form and technique of the Pilates method. Oh and yes, we have fun doing it! 

After a few short sessions years ago, we fell in love with how Pilates made us feel. “How could we bring this feeling to others?” was a constant thought until one sunny day in 2007 when we opened the doors of our very first studio in the Las Vegas area.

Since then, Core has opened three more locations powered by an all female staff.

(Girl power!) What started as a love for one workout has blossomed into a powerhouse Pilates brand, changing what it means to have a Pilates body. Our supportive community is built on a foundation of healing movement, changing the way our bodies age and most importantly a place where women can empower other women to shine bright.

We are committed to bringing the Las Vegas area carefully curated spaces with top notch instructors and quality workouts. 
We look forward to meeting each and every one of you in the studio and on the Reformer,

By Core Pilates (Centennial Hills)

6710 N Hualapai Way 89149 Las Vegas NV United States
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