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Pipe and Drape Systems are the backbone of the tradeshow and event industry, and OnlineEEI has decades of experience to help!


Whether you are looking to divide a space, mask off unsightly areas, or create amazing décor, we have everything you need.


Our unique Pipe and Drape kits provide all-in-one packages that are easy to assemble and require no tools. Or create unique configurations by piecing together components individually.


Choose from a wide variety of bases, uprites, and crossbars, as well as dozens of accessories. The only limit is imagination!


OnlineEEI’s system allows infinite flexibility in height and width, create corners, and add multiple layers of fabric.


Speaking of fabrics, we carry drapery in everything from the traditional tradeshow Banjo cloth, to sound absorbing blackout Umbra, to lush Velours. All of our fabrics are 100% F/R certified and most come in a variety of colors and sizes.


So whether you are assembling photo booths, crowd control barriers, or creating a stunning backdrop, OnlineEEI Pipe and Drape Systems and accompanying products will make your event sparkle!


*Social distancing has become a necessity due to the recent crisis. Pipe and Drape systems are an inexpensive, easy to transport and maneuver solution from Churches to Schools to Offices and everything in between.


We are also carrying KN95 and 3ply masks to help. Please contact us for further information.


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