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How many more leads should you be getting with the traffic you already have? All websites get traffic. Most websites collect data. Very few use that data to improve their site.

If your website urges people to take action (fill out a form, contact us, make a reservation, buy a product etc) some percentage of your website traffic will take the action you want them to take.


Improving a website’s conversion rate (the percentage of people that take action) has the same effect as multiplying the volume of traffic to that website.


A website that makes the best use of its traffic is rewarded by the search engines with more traffic!


Most Businesses Collect Website Data

Data is collected on most websites using Google Analytics (a free tool). Most of the time that data is not very valuable to a business owner. They might see a report filled with data but it doesn’t offer much in the way of insight. Very few small businesses are using Analytics data effectively. Anywhere.


Data-driven improvements to websites offer an advantage that has been mostly available to big businesses. We know we can make a significant contribution to small businesses in that area.


It’s what happens after the click that determines success or failure.

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