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Residential Asphalt Driveway Services Rafferty Paving offers reliable residential asphalt driveway services in Urbana MD. We have served numerous residential properties with our quality services. Asphalt is a mixture of stones, bound gravel, and sand mixed with crude oil. The hot asphalt mix ensures maximum strength for your driveway. We use professional techniques to ensure that the asphalt is evenly distributed in the marked area. Then our experienced workers spread the hot asphalt with shovels. Once this is done it only takes a few hours to dry. Give your driveway a whole new look and take advantage of our residential asphalt paving services. Call us today to get our professional services! Asphalt Paving Services Asphalt paving service is a one-time job and should only be performed by a professional. If you are looking for a reliable asphalt paving company, you are in the right place. Rafferty Paving offers professional residential asphalt road services in Urbana MD. Consult with our experienced team that has more than 45 years of experience. We will give you the best professional advice. Professional asphalt for driveways not only looks good, but also strengthens the front of your house. Our professional grade team will make sure you get a smooth asphalt pavement for your driveway. So book an inspection today to get an accurate quote.

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