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Lice Troopers is now serving Lawrence, NewYork! With the method that is gentle, chemical-free and proven to work, our Lawrence NY lice removal services save you and your family from this pesky and persistent pest. Now you can breathe a sigh of relief—with just one simple treatment your child gets the lice-free guarantee. How many products or services can make this promise? Head louse parasites and nits are notoriously challenging to eradicate because they’re tough, durable and resilient. Naturally people—even doctors—may assume that an all-natural treatment could never work, and that the stronger the chemical, the better. In reality, the bugs are often resistant to even harsh chemicals and pesticide treatments, and in the end, these treatments only make them more resistant. In the process, you may be putting your child at risk for exposure to toxins. When it comes to treating this childhood malady, we’ve found that the real solution is not a stronger chemical but a better method. Our treatment doesn’t involve any chemical intended to kill the bugs, we rely completely on removing them. Our professionals are expertly trained to spot and remove lice using our specially designed removal combs. Since even one nit left behind can launch a new infestation, they don’t stop until ALL bugs and eggs have been successfully removed.

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