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The Grease Company is a full-service food servicing establishment grease management company serving Los Angeles County.  We provide complete commercial kitchen grease pumping, recycling, and plumbing services for restaurants and all other food servicing establishments.  As a company, we thrive in making sure that your commercial kitchen is always working at its maximum output and trouble-free with any grease waste troubles.

Restaurant and commercial kitchens in Los Angeles County are required to have a device that stops Fats, Oils, Grease and Food Solids Waste or FOGS from entering the city sewer lines.  These devices are required to be pumped and cleaned regularly b a licensed grease hauler that have all the proper licensing.  Grease trap and grease interceptor cleaning service consists of excluding fats, oils, grease, and solids content inside.  To be in compliance with city ordinance or to keep your drain lines from working correctly, it is vital to regularly pump your grease trap removing all content to prevent overflow or line stoppage.  Cleaning a FOGS trapper will require special equipment and a commercial vacuum to engulf out all the content of the device.  Frequently grease trap cleaning service is overlooked because there may be no signs of trouble, and eventually, a significant overflow happens, which can be too late.

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