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When you are looking for a  commercial plumber in LA Los Angeles or OC Orange County, it's nice to have a piece of mind that you are dealing with someone reputable.

Our restaurant or commercial kitchen specialists are highly trained experts that understand how to work on plumbing lines that go through heavy usage properly.  Majority of commercial kitchens have devices that are call grease traps and grease interceptors, which can be complicated for inexperienced plumbers.

It's highly recommended for commercial businesses to actively take preventative maintenance measures by making sure that lines are hydro jetted and cleaned to prevent backups.  Hydro jetting service is a procedure that uses high-pressure water to blast away stubborn build up that sticks on the wall of the pipes causing to reduce the diameter of the pipeline.  With the number of contaminated waste liquids passing through the lines, its ability for it to get contaminated with debris and or greasy waste is more likely to happen compared to residential homes.  Rooting or snaking is typically ineffective as a preventative measure because that method is for unclogging.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens are notorious for having significant issues with grease traps or grease interceptor back up or overflow.  This typically happens when these devices are not serviced properly or on time.  Grease traps and interceptors are recognized as the heart of the kitchen, and when it fails, it will cause your plumbing lines to be poorly affected by slowing down, backing up, or at worst case cause your grease trap or interceptor to overflow.  It is essential to always be on top of the grease trap or grease interceptor preventative maintenance plan to prevent costly plumbing service calls.

Over time with norman wear and tear can cause plumbing lines to collapse, and it may need to be replaced or relined.  This job can be very costly and it's to the best interest of the customer to inspect the line with a camera to conclude if there is an issue.  As we recommend, its always best to trust but also, its best to verify.

To learn more about plumbing service for commercial and residential call LA Plumbing and Hydro Jetting Service Today.

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