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As the Coronavirus panic continues to spread across the world, we are at DittoMask working hard to find new ways of developing high tech protective masks. Dittomask is one of the ways to cope with the mask shortage.

DittoMask is a mask that is antimicrobial, antiviral, reusable and recyclable—adding that single-use surgical masks and respirators will have a detrimental effect on the ecosystem. The mask has a flat pattern to facilitate massive shipping all over the world. It incorporates a modular fine particle filtration system with a nanocomposite that is proven to deactivate viruses. Our DittoMask v2 is a high tech solution in the world to meet the genuine needs of the users.

Covering the nose and mouth (while air can penetrate around mask), the DittoMask which looks like something a superhero would wear, would use 0.1-micron filters while ditto masks would use 0.3-micron filters. The filters are multi-use and replaceable.

The DittoMask provides the ultimate protection against small particles, viruses including the COVID-19, bacteria and aerosols. Its main advantage, it would be preventing the inhalation of viruses and conjunctional contamination. It is also easy to wash and disinfect.

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