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Grant Lee Law is are family court attorneys specializing in divorces and separations.  Best prices arround.  We act as a liaison between families and the court system.  Helping many navigate through a tough process.   We primarily focus on the clients' needs.  While children are our clients indirectly, we always focus on them first as they are the group that gets hit the hardest during these procedures and have to endur processes that they don't understand.  Frightened and bewildered, they often suffer twice when a separaton or divorce of parents comes to fruition.  Once, the initial shock and then, secondly, by the myriad of legal procedures that follow. Sometimes there is a third issue: money.  The children, not to mention some of the adults, will have to live a different lifestyle compared to prior years when the marriage was intact.  Many things and events that once were ordinary, everyday events may become unreachable post in the post divorce life due to their cost. 

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