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Painting has always been a fascination for me. From those formative days watching my Father paint without spilling a drop, not one,  to today being part of a team completing a custom home we have admired how things get done. It’s why we do what we do. 

Our projects vary in size and complexity. These challenges are what drive us and help us grow as a Painting Company in Amherst. Whether it’s a Commercial project that needs a quick turnaround or a longer term restoration you can trust our experience and know-how to provide the best value and long term coating performance. 

Safety is another aspect that is of utmost importance. With training in first aid, proper use of ladders, lifts, tools and paints we care for the people we work with as much as we protect your home or business as we work. Just in case something happens we carry full Liability Insurance.


Take a look around at the work we do and why we feel we offer the best choice in architectural finishes and wall covering.


By Tall Guy Painting

7945 Alexander Rd #8 V4G 1C6 Delta BC Canada
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