2020 Would Be The Roaring 20's Again




Imagine living from 1855 to 2020.
You would've witnessed:
-The Civil War
-Assassinations of Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley
-Invention of the car and airplane
-Spanish Flu
-World War I
-Prohibition and the Roaring 20's
-The Great Depression
-World War II
-The Korean War…

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Bull case: everything opens in 6 weeks. The unemployed can go back to old jobs or as true Americans, bootstrap. Economy back to normal within 6 months. 2T $ in PE dry powder, low gas prices and 0% interest rates pour fuel onto on the economy. The roaring 20’s mean the 2020's now.

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Mate we didn't even get the “Roaring 20's”this time around just straight into the Depression. Everyone said 2020 would be the roaring 20's again but it's looking more like the boring 20's.

I'm gonna spread some good vibes for you today. The roaring 20's happened after the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic so let's just be ready for that.

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By 2020 Would Be The Roaring 20's Again

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