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Avangard Innovative is a circular economy solutions provider based out of Houston, Texas. With 30 years of experience operating in 11 countries, Avangard Innovative is the worldwide leader in circular economy solutions. Our proprietary technology, program management & optimization, and post-consumer resin manufacturing facilities are designed to help our clients measure, manage and monetize their sustainability programs.MEASURE Sustayn Analytics is “the Fitbit® of the waste and recycling industry”. AI’s technology platform uses hardware and software to enable near real-time visualization, monitoring and tracking of all recyclable and waste material.MANAGE NaturaZero 2.0 is a management and optimization program dedicated to maximize our client’s Capture Percentage Rate™, lowering waste costs and increasing recycling profits.MONETIZE NaturaPCR is our state-of-the-art post-consumer resin manufacturing facilities where end-of-life flexible packaging is transformed into reusable, high quality pellets.

Avangard Innovative’s suite of products and services will help you find your Hidden Green Assets™, reducing waste costs and increasing profits from recycling.Schedule a call or free demo today and join the circular economy movement.Learn more at: www.avaicg.com or email us at: sales@avaicg.com

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