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Dominion Pharmasave is your health professionals committed to serving your community. Located in SW Calgary, we have one goal: to give back to the community through our services and products. When you need medical products, medical advice or help from a program, we are the pharmacy that will help you. There is no need to miss out on these services when you have the chance to get healthier and get the support you need. Giving back to the community is what we're all about, so experience our service by visiting us at 665 8th Street SW Calgary or call us at (403) 262-2223.       With over 680 stores across the country, Pharmasave is one of Canada’s leading independent pharmacy and drugstore retailers. Since being founded in 1981, Pharmasave has focused on building a national platform of community based retail outlets designed to provide customers with exceptional service, products and advice.

Each Pharmasave store operates independently to serve its individual community, which ensures both programs and services tailored to the needs of customers and a commitment to helping all customers. Live Well With Pharmasave.





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66 Commercial St, Dominion, NS B1G 1B4, Canada B1G 1B4 Dominion NS Canada
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