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We are PSPi, a family owned and operated studio delivering Photography & Cinematic Video. What started in 1982 with my grandfather, then passed down to my father who opened our first studio in New York in 1992 in Brooklyn, has evolved into a spectacular studio that captures moments candidly for you to share with friends and family. At Pavel Shpak Photography we tell your wedding day story in a new style. A style that blends photo journalism with an unobtrusive cinematic approach. Bringing back that powerful and emotional experience to a product that is personal, unique, modern and artistic. Our Studio increasing in popularity, has given us the chance to travel the US and take us to some of the most amazing international weddings. Pavel Shpak, the studios Artistic Director has been creating these seamless memories and highlights of weddings and events for many years, and giving couples an endless timepiece. tel: 646.867.8668 Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/pavelshpakphoto/

Feel free and browse our extensive portfolio of gorgeous weddings,

all of the different types of brides and styles of photography & Video that we Specialize in.

Giving us the unique ability to capture your wedding day creatively and made special just for you.

By Pavel Shpak photography PSPi

400 5th Ave 10118 New York NY United States
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