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Acrylic Art expertly fabricates precision plastic components for a variety of customers in nearly every industry one can think of, including units produced for medical, Biotech, instrumentation, industrial, and the semiconductor industries. Our capabilities also include the design and manufacturing of custom laboratory equipment, store fixtures, point of purchase displays, architectural signage and client designed projects for interior and industrial designers.


We routinely produce a variety of precision manufactured plastic and soft metal parts and OEM products — especially those that are considered to be the most difficult to machine. Acrylic Art’s plastic manufacturing process often includes lathe turning, CNC plastic machining, milling, annealing, heat bending, and plastic polishing techniques like vapor polishing, flame polishing, and mechanical buffing. In addition, Acrylic Art works with quality partners to provide secondary processes such as finishing and decorating processes that include painting, silk-screening, and anodizing.


Acrylic Art provides extensive prototyping services; including computer-aided design and machining (CAD/CAM) assistance, complete in-house CNC programming, cost-effective prototype machining services, and quick prototype delivery. We would be happy to discuss the appropriate methods and materials to use for your precision manufactured plastic or soft metal part requirements.


Service or Product: Custom Plastic Fabrication, Precision CNC Machining


Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00am-4:00pm

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1290 45th Street 94608 Emeryville CA United States
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