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April is a quiet person, a listener, and an observer. Her calm nature usually puts even the most uneasy and anxious client at ease. She listen not only to her client, but to what their body is telling her. When she picked up her client and take him/her to the therapy room, she will usually walk behind her client.  She has the client walks in front of her, so that she can watch their gate as they walk, searching for any holding patterns. By the time her client reaches the therapy room, she can usually tell what their needs are, and how to address those needs. 


Why should a client choose to come have a service by April?  She has a lot of empathy for her clients. She is very tuned in to their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Many clients have reported having unique experiences when they have had a massage from her.

By April Farr Therapeutic Massage By Design

2602 N Washington Blvd Lower Level #5 84414 North Ogden UT United States
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