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Danielle Broussard Jewelry Appraisals is a professional, independent jewelry appraisal business serving the Greater Baltimore Area including Timonium, Towson, Ellicott City, Montgomery County, Washington DC and its surrounding suburbs. Whether you need an engagement ring appraised for insurance or a 50-piece jewelry collection appraised for Estate and tax purposes, Danielle Broussard is a Certified Appraiser that can help you. She also offers personalized consulting services that walk you through the often-confusing maze of buying a large, retail jewelry purchase. Free Initial Consultation: Jewelry Appraisals for all purposes (e.g. Insurance, estate, donations, liquidation, divorce, etc.) Jewelry Buying Consultation - helping you to buy that special piece of jewelry for the person you love. she will help you choose the perfect design, acquire quality gems and negotiate a good price. Jewelry Sales Value - She can help you understand the market value of an item so you can sell it at the best price and offer suggestions as to where to market it. Whether you need a Replacement Value Appraisal to insure a newly acquired piece, a Fair Market Value Estate Appraisal on a loved heirloom that has been in your family for generations or just expertise before making a large retail purchase, this process can be done in a timely manner in her office or at a conveniently located jewelry partner near you. She understands the necessity of trusting a gemological expert before you place your beloved pieces in their hands. She was a jewelry lover long before being an educated expert. Her goal is to develop life-long relationships based on trust, communication and respect. She will love your glittering treasures almost as much as you do and will care for them as if they are her own. She understands how much a new gift from a loved one or that diamond engagement ring that your grandfather gave to your grandmother during World War II, means to you and your family. Jewelry is beauty and adornment, but it is also love, promises and history.

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