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Magiclamp Networks is a web design and development company, with products for web hosting and highly customized web sites. We provide you with end-to-end service and experience you can trust for your Internet Marketing campaigns and web site development.

We also offer the finest in application specific & general Internet hosting, with a wide range of products and services to suit your needs.

We believe first impressions are important. We’ve developed attractive and effective web designs for informational sites, service oriented companies, and e-commerce system, and we can customize any design to meet your needs and ensure usability and interactivity. More importantly, we create smart sites that are immediately search engine-friendly

MagicLamp offers a range of hosting packages, depending on your type of business. Whether you have an information-based or e-commerce site, or are need of a dedicated /managed servers, we pride ourselves on our reputation for having solid and consistently stable servers. We keep alert 24/7, so our response rate to issues is immediate and our downtime minimized. Moreover, we have backups in place, so your web presence is maintained.

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1549 University West, Suite 200 55104 Saint Paul MN United States
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