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Dr. Justin Bartlett is a Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor primarily utilizing Applied Kinesiology, to diagnose, assess, and determine the best treatment avenue based on each individual patient’s needs and goals. Our goal at Active Living Chiropractic is to help you reach your health goals and get you back to doing what you want to do the most, while feeling the best you've ever felt.


Applied Kinesiology in the Chiropractic profession has modernized ancient Chinese medicine, utilizing what Eastern Medicine has known for thousands of years, and gives the practitioner the tools to assess where the problems lie. Applied Kinesiology uses manual muscle testing to determine weaknesses or stress in the body. When these weaknesses or stresses are found in the body, Applied Kinesiology helps to determine the path of treatment needed for that specific patient. Treatment protocols can vary and can include a spinal chiropractic adjustment, muscle therapies, nutritional and dietary procedures, reflex stimulation, cranial therapies, emotional treatments, or evaluating environmental toxins and the need to remove them from the patient’s everyday life.


When it comes to the body, it is always working to move towards normal function (homeostasis). The Chiropractic adjustment helps to normalize the nervous system, muscle function, and signals to your organs and glands. When you combine Chiropractic adjustments and Applied Kinesiology’s diagnostics, nutritional protocols, and reflex associations, the body will begin to move towards optimal function. When the nervous system is freed up and the body is getting the proper nutrients to facilitate the healing process, the body can make profound physiological changes, on a cellular level, both in the short term and the long term. A healthy, properly functioning nervous system can take back your health, ease your pain, increase your flexibility, increase blood flow to your muscles and organs, and allow your entire body to perform optimally.

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