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Facial Aesthetics. After receiving the best dental care and a complete smile makeover, if you’re still not satisfied with your facial appearance, you don’t have to look any further than your cosmetic family dentist for service. When you can get facial aesthetics at your dentist, you save time and money. 


Your dentist knows you well enough to provide you with knowledgeable advice aimed at your unique goals and preferences. Get everything from Botox injections to facial fillers to complete your smile makeover. Gain the confidence and youthful appearance you desire at a dental practice that also claims one of the best facial aesthetic centers in New York State.


When you visit your cosmetic dentist for a complete smile makeover, you may think about addressing facial imperfections at the same time. Well, now you can! At the facial aesthetic center housed at Albany County Dental Associates, you leave with a complete plan for renewing your facial vigor and youthfulness.


Facial aesthetics refers to high-tech care that combines beauty services and healthcare. Along with your oral health and appearance, facial aesthetics can give you a total smile makeover. At Albany County Dental Associates, advanced aesthetic techniques provide medically based procedures with family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and best practices for your dental health.

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