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For most people, the idea of needing a bail bond agent at some point is pretty unthinkable. However, bad things can happen to good people, and the need for bail can become a reality for you or someone you care about.

Types of Bail

There are various types of bail bonds and some can be handled more easily than others. One type is a citation release. This occurs in the case of some minor crimes, such as a traffic violation. Citation releases require the person receiving it to appear in front of a judge at a particular time. The officer also will not take you to jail, they allow you to leave.

Personal Recognizance

This is very easy to obtain, but it is often up to the police to determine if someone should be allowed to be released on personal recognizance. This occurs often when someone is not considered a danger to others. You just sign a release that says you will show up to court, if you do not, then you will be fined.

Surety Bonds

This is the kind that a company like Bluestar Bail Bonds can help with. You or your loved one pay ten percent to the bond agent, often in cash but property can also be used in some cases. The agent then arranges for the release of the accused from jail. They are then free until their case is resolved.Our bond agents are fast, courteous, and available when you need them, twenty-four hours a day. They are happy to discuss your situation with you and come up with a solution. They can be reached through their website or by phone.



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