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Nevada Discount Registered Agent, Inc. is a family owned business and has been serving Nevada for over fifteen years. When forming your new corporation, Nevada will allow the corporation to issue real estate, capital, personal property, options or leases.

You don’t have to have your business in the state of Nevada to incorporate your company. Once you incorporate, you will have to apply with the state of Nevada for a business license. Be sure to check local counties and cities to see where you may need to obtain a business license.

There are a lot of reasons to incorporate in the State of Nevada. There is no corporate income tax, nor do they tax the corporate shares. Nevada has no franchise tax nor tax on the franchise income. The fees are nominal, and the property and sales taxes are competitive. There are also no gift nor inheritance taxes in the State of Nevada.

One of the great things about incorporating in the State of Nevada is the owners’ assets are protected. When companies become profitable, they can be targets for frivolous lawsuits.

Fortunately, Nevada protects its corporations by making sure any lawsuit is tried in the State of Nevada. Lawyers love deep pockets; however, they realize it can be costly to try the case and it can take a lot of their times and resources. They will not want to spend the time or resources on a case they may not make any money on.

Courts cannot force a corporation or Limited Liability Corporation to liquidate their assets. They can only put a lean on the dividends that are owed to the owner. However, if that individual has stock in the corporation, it is considered personal property and become part of the settlement.

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