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Nationwide Court Services, Inc. is a cost-effective and sound consumer discretionary company that offers commercial and legal services which include; title insurance, document recording service, file delivery and other related commercial services such as process server. Our company, Nationwide Court Services, Inc., established in 1994 to solely deliver legal advertising services and developed into providing allied amenities to favorite companies. We have our head office in Ronkonkoma, New York operating between 9 AM and 5 PM on all working days where we deliver amazing closing services.

Our Services

Process Service

Process Services Company became operational in 1993 specializing in handling case procedures carefully to acquire standard jurisdictions over party defendants. We have an experienced executive team to offer selection and management of process server training to our in-house employees for the provision of unmatched closing services.

Apostille Service

Our title company offers authenticated apostille service seals and signatures, especially on public documents such as court orders provided by federal authorities. The records are essential as they enable American citizen to be recognized in other countries hence beneficial for overseas education and business activities and more.

Legal Advertising

The legal advertising department is a publication area which helps those in need of publishing orders or judgment of foreclosure. We have all the legal service advertising requirements to offer to publish quickly through our skilled team in the department. Our legal publication services are provided at affordable prices, and we have managed to serve thousands of New York residents.

Title Services

We also offer title services insurance from our 24/7 staff that is ready to serve you with all the necessary title resources. Our team can answer any question or queries regarding title services company delivery while linking you with a per diem attorney at affordable prices. When you work with us, be assured that we got flexible policies delivering great title transaction.

Background Screening

We also provide pre-employment criminal background check services on the applicants to determine background status. Our background screening processes utilize a central unit to order, process, deliver and invoice your reports. Criminal background check procedures are conducted by our per diem attorney staff to eliminate any misquotes of applicants.

Abstract Services

Since the founding, we have evaluated over 150,000 orders from various clients and different counties in New York. The abstract services we offer also may cover different counties and states away from those we have delivered our services.

Client Testimonials

From the legal services we have already delivered to our clients, we have received multiple testimonials from satisfied clients. One of the attorneys in New York provided feedback on using our document recording services for many years. Another client, a property investor, commended our services and always promised to use our services. Another company in the United States mentioned our title company as the best with the delivery of fast, reliable and accurate results. We strive to provide personal and more professional services to our clients from our continued team of experienced personnel.

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