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Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Scarborough, Richard Killen & Associates second Scarborough office is located at Markham Road and Ellesmere Road. This office offers a full range of debt relief services for residents in the heart of Scarborough that have found themselves in financial difficulties.

The office is close to the Scarborough City Centre which is home to Scarborough Town Centre (Canada’s 10th largest mall, Scarborough Civic Centre, Albert Campbell Square and Consilium Place. Scarborough also boasts home to the Toronto Zoo and the Scarborough Bluffs.

Scarborough was also labeled as “crime ridden” as compared to other parts of Toronto however these claims were unfounded. It was later determined that it was the media, not facts that spurred these rumors.

Scarborough is a nice place to live however if your living with debt, and the worry on how to pay your bills is keeping you up at night, it’s time to consider talking to a professional that can help you review your options.

That’s our specialty at Richard Killen & Associates. We are Licensed Insolvency Trustees and debt counselors that have helped thousands of people get a fresh start and become debt free. Sometimes the solution is a personal bankruptcy however more often the answer is a consumer proposal. There are benefits to both and only once we understand your financial situation can we help you make an educated decision as to which solution is the best fit for your unique circumstance.

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2100 Ellesmere Road, Suite #201D M1H 3B7 Scarborough ON Canada
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