No matter, what is the nature of our job is, we can only work effectively and in a more productive way, if we get a soothing and comfortable work environment. Sufficient lights are also a prerequisite to enjoy more productivity inside offices, and while making the selection, you can install LED panel lights that will make the place look more appealing. You can 2x4 LED panel lights to enjoy soft and uniform lighting making the entire office look more classy and visible.

Other benefits of using these 2x4 LED panel lights are as follows

  • These 72w LED panel lighting 2x4produce 7200 lumens and it can be replaced with a traditional fluorescent tube of up to 400W that can give you more energy saving option.

  • Use these eco-friendly lights to let your employees and clients know that you care for the environment and don’t want to pollute it.

  • The Color Temperature of these LED panellights is 5000k that creates a good as well as productive ambiance.

  • The beam angle is wide enough to illuminate wider places covering extreme corners as well, also by using these lights you get the freedom to change the bulbs frequently in case of using those traditional lights.

  • These lights come with 5 years of warranty as well.

  • These LED panel lights are designed to fit in standard T-Bars and narrow grid drop-in ceilings and hence makes the installation much easy


So make the workplace more ambient and productive by installing these 2x4 LED panel lights that once installed, can work for more than 50,000 hours which is a boom if we compare it with the traditional lighting fixtures.

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